“Designing a space is the same as giving life”

Cristina Souza

President / Principal Designer

Cristina is a native Brazilian who is wildly passionate about art and design. Born with a creative streak and artistic mind, she began demonstrating an interest in interior design in childhood. At the age of 5, Cristina recalls debating with her mother over which sofa to buy for their home (ultimately persuading her mother to her side).

As a teen, she eagerly paged through home décor magazines and took an interest in the various architecture styles she noticed around her hometown. At 17, her passion led her to start designing and decorating her friends’ homes. In her twenties, she attended the AI Miami International University of Art and Design, attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design.

“Designing a space is the same as giving life.”
Cristina Souza

A hard worker with a passion to excel, Cristina joined the prestigious design firm of Levine Calderin & Associates while she was still in school. After gaining invaluable experience there, she followed her heart and launched her own firm, Avant Design.

She has attracted clients from around the globe. Avant Design currently oversees many projects in prominent locations such as Fisher Island, The St. Regis Residence, Trump Hollywood, and Asia Brickell and Icon Brickell, just to name a few.

Cristina travels around the world, learning about different cultures and seeking fresh design inspiration. In her free time, she connects with nature to clear her mind. She also loves gardening, paint and photography. Capturing memorable moments with her camera is another way to express her joy and creativity.

“I believe that a successful project is one that reflects the clients style… this is what makes a project unique”

Monica Souza

Vice President / Principal Designer

Brazilian born, Monica was meant to shine; as a child she had always demonstrated a strong drive to lead and excel.

A longtime fashionista, she initially pursued a career in the fashion industry. By age 20, she was working as a fashion designer in Miami, designing a line of shoes, handbags, and fitness wear. After achieving that goal, she found that she wanted express her sense of style on a more exclusive and personal level. So she enrolled at the AI Miami International University of Art and Design, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. She became fascinated with the interior design world and ultimately joined her sister, Cristina—the person she admires most—as a partner at Avant Design.

“Working closely with Cristina on projects made me realize I could be designing things that actually make a difference in the lives of my clients.”
Monica Souza

The Souza sisters have different qualities and design inspirations, which makes them the perfect combo. Monica has a classic, sophisticated, contemporary style. She loves to play with textures and to mix modern pieces with antiques. Her passion for her clients lifts the design to another level, and her outgoing personality makes her fun to work with. She has a gift for understanding each client’s personality traits and lifestyle, and to translate that into design that reflects their unique style.

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